Dawn phenomenon: An early morning rise in blood sugar (glucose) levels – normally around 4am – 8am. The dawn phenomenon is a natural reaction in the body as a result of hormones release by the body in the early morning. If you have diabetes, and your morning (fasting) blood sugar levels are higher than they should be (great then 7mmol/l), then your doctor may need to adapt your medication to prevent these blood sugar rises in the morning.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA):  This is a serious condition that occurs when there is a lack of insulin in the body, leading to high blood sugar (glucose) levels, and a build-up of ketones in the blood and urine. Ketones are formed when the body breaks down fat for energy. Symptoms of DKA are: nausea, stomach ache, vomiting, chest pain, difficulty in breathing – rapid and shallow breathing, a fruity smell on the breath, difficulty to concentrate and staying awake and can lead to a coma and death if not treated immediately. Read more information on DKA