Pancreas: The organ in the body that contains the beta-cells which are the cells that make insulin. The pancreas also has cells called alpha-cells which make the hormone glucagon, which is the hormone that your body will release when your blood sugar levels go too low (hypoglycaemia). The pancreas also contains other cells that help with digestion.

Premix insulin: this is an insulin that you can inject that contains a short acting (bolus) insulin and a longer acting (basal) insulin in one injection. Premix insulin can be injected once, twice or three times per day depending on what your requirements are. Premix insulin is normally injected immediately before the meal (Humalog® Mix25; Humalog® Mix50; NovoMix® 30), or 30 minutes before the meal (Actraphane®; Biosulin® 30/70; Humulin® 30/70; Insuman® Combo 30/70)