There are different types of insulin that are used to treat diabetes. For type 1 diabetes, your doctor will probably prescribe what is known as a “basal-bolus” regimen.  You will inject 2 different types of insulin: Rapid acting insulin at meals and basal / long acting insulin either in the morning or in the evening. The picture below shows when the insulin injections are given.

  • Rapid acting insulin:  This is normally injected immediately before the meal. Types of rapid acting insulin available in South Africa are:
    Apidra®; Humalog®; NovoRapid®
  • Basal / long acting insulin: This is normally injected any time between dinner time and bedtime, but should always be injected at the same time every day. Sometimes the basal insulin can be injected in the morning.  Types of basal / long acting insulin available in South Africa are:
    Lantus®; Levemir®; Biosulin® N; Humulin® N