All people living with diabetes should be testing (monitoring) their blood sugar levels. This is necessary to monitor how much sugar (glucose) is circulating in your blood so that you can adjust your eating, exercise and/or medication to ensure that your blood sugar (glucose) levels are within “range” or are “on target” .

Major studies have been done in diabetes that has proven that controlling blood sugar(glucose) levels can prevent hypo (low) and hyper (high) blood sugar levels as well as the onset and/or progression of diabetes-related complications like, blindness, heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage and amputations.

Your doctor will tell you what targets to aim for, but below is a table that indicates the range that most people living with diabetes should aim for to prevent complications.

Home blood sugar (glucose) monitoring is done using a blood glucose monitor and blood glucose test strips.

Below is a table indicating the targets that you should be aiming for. If you are not reaching these targets your doctor may adjust your treatment.

Fasting Blood Glucose

First thing in the morning before eating or drinking

Less than 7mmol/l (<7.0mmol/l)

Post Prandial Glucose

2 hours after eating a meal

Between 5 and 10mmol/l (5.0-10.0mmol/l)


3 monthly blood test done

 Less than or equal 7% (≤7%)

NOTE: that your doctor may set different targets for you depending on your health status.