Premix insulin is insulin that contains both a short (bolus) acting component and a long (basal) acting component. This means that there is a component (usually 30%) that is short-acting and will cover the meal, and a long/basal acting component (usually 70%) that will work in the background between meals, and overnight.

There are 2 types of premix insulin available:

  • Premix Human insulin: this insulin needs to be injected twice-a-day, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner.
    (Actraphane®; Biosulin® 30/70; Humulin® 30/70; Insuman® Combo 30/70.
  • Premix Analogue insulin: this insulin can be injected once- twice- or three times a day, and is injected immediately before the meal.
    (HumalogMix® 25; HumalogMix® 50; NovoMix® 30).

Premix insulin has to be mixed / shaken before it is injected to ensure that all the insulin is mixed into the liquid. The insulin should be “milky” before you inject it. Your doctor will show you how to mix (re-suspend) your insulin.