If your cholesterol levels are above or below the recommended levels your doctor will advise you to start with a healthy eating plan and exercise. If this does not bring your cholesterol down, he may start you on medication to treat your cholesterol.

Test Ideal Value  
Total Cholesterol Less than 5.2mmol/l  
LDL Cholesterol

This is a better predictor of heart attacks than total cholesterol

Less than 3.5mmol/l If you have diabetes and have a history of heart disease the ideal LDL level is between 1.5mmol/l – 2.5mmol/l
HDL Cholesterol

Men: greater than 1.1mmol/l  
Women: greater than 1.3-mmol/l
By increasing your HDL level you can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease

Triglycerides Less than 2.0mmol/l Overweight and obesity, poorly controlled diabetes, excessive alcohol intake can raise your triglyceride levels.